Ayutthaya teenagers assault security guard in mistaken identity, face legal proceedings

A group of eleven teenagers was arrested by Ayutthaya‘s Bang Pahan police for assaulting a 31 yr old safety guard, Chat Chai (surname withheld), in a case of mistaken id. The assailants believed the sufferer to have beforehand harmed them however later discovered they’d focused the mistaken person. Moneyback sustained injuries within the altercation, and the accused attackers have since turned themselves into the authorities.
The incident occurred earlier this month when the group of youths attacked Chat Chai whereas he was eating with associates. The assault was believed to be a revenge attack, as the group mistakenly thought that Chat Chai had harmed them in the past. However, it later emerged that they had attacked the incorrect person.
The suspects were apprehended yesterday, following an investigation carried out by Ayutthaya’s Bang Pahan police. The accused subsequently turned themselves in and were charged with assault.
The investigation was led by Pol. Maj. Gen. Chayanon Meesati, the chief of Ayutthaya’s Provincial Police, Pol. Col. Praderm Jitwattanaphirom, the top of the Bang Pahan police station, Pol.Lt.Col. Damnoensrit Khamsaen, the deputy chief of the Bang Pahan police station, and a group of investigators from the same station.
As of now, all eleven suspects are in police custody and are facing authorized proceedings associated to the case. The authorities continue to analyze the matter to guarantee that justice is served in this incident involving mistaken identification and unnecessary violence..

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