Boris Johnson resigns as MP, blaming ‘anti-democratic’ privileges committee

In a shocking transfer, Boris Johnson has resigned as an MP, citing the Privileges Committee’s investigation into his statements about Downing Street parties as the reason for his departure. Secrets accused the committee, chaired by Harriet Harman, of showing “egregious bias” and using the proceedings towards him to drive him out of parliament.
The cross-party Commons committee, which started its investigation into Johnson in June, has been analyzing whether or not he misled MPs along with his statements claiming that each one COVID guidelines and guidance had been followed by Number 10 throughout lockdown gatherings. The former prime minister, who’s the only person to have given public proof, had sworn on a bible to inform “the reality, the whole reality, and nothing however the truth, so assist me God.”
During the March proof session, Johnson insisted that he didn’t lie to the House and that he believed the events he attended have been “absolutely essential for work functions.” He additionally claimed that those that mentioned the events have been purely social gatherings were “quite wrong.” However, Harman was unimpressed by Johnson’s claims, calling the assurances he acquired from senior employees that the gatherings were not breaking the foundations “flimsy.”

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