CCTV footage of attempted rape case at therapeutic massage store in Bangkok deleted

Officers from Chana Songkham Police Station yesterday investigated the tried rape of a Japanese girl at a therapeutic massage store on Ram Buttri Road near Khao San Road in Bangkok.
Hidden of the incident was reported to have been deleted and the masseur in question has resigned from the shop.
The 23 yr old Japanese woman took to Twitter to recount her experience when the Thai masseur allegedly attempted to rape her in February. Moreover, the Thai police ignored her unique criticism.
Her post was translated into Thai by a Thai Twitter person capturing the eye of many netizens. They demanded the massage store and law enforcement officials performed an investigation and make clear the issue.
The superintendent of Chana Songkham Police Station, Sanong Saengmanee, visited the massage store, Tong Ou, to analyze the declare and question its staff members.
The store was reported to be a two-storey building. The first ground was reworked into a therapeutic massage room. There had been 4 beds placed in line, and each bed is separated by a curtain. In front of the shop, a number of chairs are supplied to make sure customers’ consolation as they wait their flip.
A feminine staff member stated that she had been on responsibility when she heard the Japanese girl cry out in distress. She rushed to ask the masseur what had occurred, and the man told her that he just carried out an odd massage on the Japanese woman’s tights and would finish the process inside five minutes.
The feminine employees member disclosed that she believed the masseur as there was a therapeutic massage methodology that was carried out near the tights. She was unable to communicate immediately with the Japanese girl as a end result of language barrier, so she did not know the truth in regards to the concern.
Superintendent Sanong revealed that the police officers couldn’t acquire the CCTV footage capturing the alleged incident as a outcome of it had been routinely deleted by the system. Moreover, the masseur in question had resigned.
Move Forward Party MP Paramart Witthayarak also joined the investigation with the police yesterday. Paramart said that he had contacted the Japanese victim but couldn’t get hold of a lot data due to the language barrier. He added that he would get an interpreter to speak with the victim to get her complete testament.
ORIGINAL STORY: Japanese customer accuses Thai masseur of attempted rape in Bangkok
A Japanese girl took to Twitter to share a story that a Thai masseur attempted to rape her while providing a service at a therapeutic massage parlour close to Khao San Road in Bangkok. The feminine store proprietor defended her male worker, telling police that inserting a finger into a woman’s vagina is a half of the service.
A Thai Twitter consumer, @Reiriesz, translated the Japanese victim’s publish and shared it on Twitter yesterday, June 12. The 23 12 months previous Japanese girl revealed that she visited the massage store, later recognized as Tong Ou therapeutic massage shop on Ram Buttri Road close to Khao San, along with her Chinese boyfriend in February.
At the shop, the couple have been provided separate companies. A Thai masseur, allegedly named Mai Nirakthai, was assigned to supply a service for her. Suddenly whereas performing the therapeutic massage, the person sexually assaulted her by placing his finger into her vagina. She was shocked and screamed for assist.
She then contacted officers from Chana Songkham Police Station. After two hours passed, no officers arrived on the scene, so, she managed to pull the masseur to Chana Songkham Police Station, which is only 500 metres away from the incident scene
According to the sufferer, the police didn’t query the masseur in her presence. They talked privately in another room. The man returned and shouted on the alleged victim saying that it was her fault. Shockingly, the store owner defended the masseur’s actions, stating that placing a finger into her vagina was a half of the massage course of.
The shop proprietor even dared the sufferer to demonstrate how the man sexually assaulted her to persuade her and the police that the service is regular.
The Japanese girl did not hand over and reported the assault to the Thai embassy. Police officers urged her to visit the police station once more the subsequent day. However, the police station was closed when she arrived. The girl said…
“The thought that you just report a criminal offense to the police only works in Japan, not Thailand. Even if you’re raped or killed, you must care for your self. Be careful everybody.”
The sufferer added that the opposite staff members did not doubt her claim and did not seem shocked, as if it was a standard apply at the therapeutic massage shop.
One Thai Twitter commented on the publish that her female pal was raped at a massage shop in Thailand. The shop appeared very credible and opulent but couldn’t guarantee the protection of the shoppers.
An update has yet to be offered by the police, the Thai embassy or the massage shop.

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