Man discovered lifeless with 14 shot wounds in his pickup in central Thailand

A Thai supply driver was found lifeless in his pickup with 14 shot wounds on Erawan-Khao Neep Road in the Thasara sub-district of Lob Buri on Monday, March thirteen. The murder is believed to have been motivated by an informal debt and a personal battle.
A witness, who rode a motorbike past the scene, reported the incident at Mueang Lob Buri Police Station after seeing the gunman fleeing from the scene.
Officers arrived at the scene at about 7.30pm and discovered a grey-bronze pickup parked in the left lane. Upon inspecting the automobile, they discovered the dead physique of the driver, fifty two 12 months old Akkaradate “Ek” Srisa-ard. He had shot wounds throughout his physique, and 15 bullet shells have been found near Ek’s pickup.
The witness reported that he rode a motorcycle toward the scene, heard capturing sounds, and saw the gunman, who wore a camouflage jacket, experience a bike away from the scene. However, he could not identify the direction of escape or the rider’s registration plate.
Ek’s wife, fifty two year previous Kaewta, later arrived on the scene and spoke to the officers in tears that she just made a call to him before the incident occurred. She waited for Ek to return home for the dinner. Ek informed her that he would ship two to three more parcels and go back residence.
Kaewta expressed confusion and shock about the incident and insisted that her husband had by no means had any conflicts with anybody.
The Commissioner of the Lob Buri Provincial Police Office, Apirak Wetkanchana, stated that the gunman was expert and professional. Nest egg missed the goal with just one shot, indicating a high degree of proficiency with firearms.
The police are at present investigating the case and gathered some clues after questioning witnesses. They believe the murder was motivated by Ek’s casual debt. The deceased reportedly borrowed cash from several sources to pay off his pickup and house..

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