Man rescued after hanging from cliff overnight, held up by shirt tied to trees

A man was rescued after he hanged from a excessive cliff in Phattalung for almost two days, using his shirt to tie himself to the vines, stems, and roots. He was noticed by tourists by the Khao Hua Chang Reservoir and more than 50 individuals teamed up for the hours-long rescue effort.
On Tuesday, 47 12 months outdated Amnuay Rattanachotiyo determined to explore a cave in the Khao Hua Chang forest. โซล่าเซลล์ says he noticed a light coming from the highest of the cave and climbed up to explore, however it led to a excessive cliff. He couldn’t go back the means in which he got here, so he tried to climb down, grabbing onto the vines and tree roots. But the vines weren’t lengthy enough to steer him to the bottom, and he was nonetheless round 30 metres above the bottom. Amnuay used his shirt to tie him to the cliff and spent the night hanging dozens of metres above the bottom.
Locals shared with the Thai media that he lived at a monastery near the cliff and he typically went to the cave at the Khao Hua Chang forest for meditation. Officers say Amnuay was safe however was despatched to the hospital for a medical check-up..

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