Pestle pistol swindle

SONGKHLA: It’s at all times price preserving in mind the phrase caveat emptor, or “let the customer beware”, when making any buy.The warning should be especially nicely heeded when the merchandise into account is somewhat less than 100 percent legit.This sage recommendation must have been far from the thoughts of 1 wannabe robust guy in Haad Yai, nonetheless, when he paid 15,000 baht for a bag that ended up containing nothing greater than an outdated pestle and a few rocks.On the afternoon of May 8, Phongsakon Niamhom walked into Haad Yai Police Station and informed a tale of woe to responsibility officer Pol Lt Somchai Hatkhaja.Phongsakon, 28, informed the officer that he had long wished to own his very own gun; he didn’t inform the policeman why he wished a firearm, however.Not figuring out how to go about getting hold of such a weapon, he talked about it to a motorcycle-taxi driver on Sriphuwanat Rd Soi 10, whose service he typically used.Motorcycle drivers are most likely to play the same function in Thai society as The Yellow Pages do within the West, so it comes as no shock that the driving force, later recognized as 30-year-old Wichian Rakkhlai, knew just the individual to fix his buyer with a gun.Before long, Wichian came again with a young girl referred to as Saow, who identified herself as an Army Ranger.A bit in want of money, Saow said she would sell him a pistol full with license and registration for 20,000 baht.Phongsakon agreed to the price and Wichian drove Saow off to go and purchase the “gun”.A couple of minutes later, Wichian and Saow returned with a little black bag that Sow claimed contained the gun. Somehow, she made Phongsakon promise not to look in it till she had left. When Classified requested to see the paperwork, Saow said that she hadn’t brought it along with her, however would return with it the following day.A little delay at this, Phongsakon mentioned that he would give her 15,000 baht for the gun alone and hand over the 5,000-baht stability when she gave him the license.Happily agreeing to this, Saow took the cash after which rushed off with Wichian once more.After the pair had left, Phongsakon felt it was safe to take

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