Singapore man jailed for consorting with good friend who smuggled firearms

A 27-years outdated Amirul Asyraff Muhammad Junus was sentenced to 5 years and two weeks in prison with six strokes of the cane (Yes, caning is a type of corporal punishment in Singapore) for consorting with a fellow gang member who smuggled a firearm into Singapore from Malaysia.
His friend, Muhammad Ikram Abdul Aziz, 26, had illegally carried a Shooters Sea Hawk pistol and eight bullets. Ikram was sentenced to seven years and ten months in prison with six strokes of the cane in March this 12 months.
The two pals have been very shut since that they had performed soccer collectively after they were younger and then grew to become members of the same gang.
In January 2019, a person named Faris from one other gang assaulted Amirul’s ex-wife exterior Club Baliza in Marina Square. Amirul sought Ikram’s steerage on the means to settle the grudge and decided to get the pistol for their security and to scare Faris and the remainder of his crew.
In February 2019, Ikram purchased a firearm, in addition to a handgun magazine and eight rounds for $900 at a tattoo parlor in Malaysia’s Johor Bahru purchasing centre. Then a month later, when he got here again to Singapore, he gave the gun to Amirul.
Although Amirul didn’t use the pistol to scare the opposite gang, a baton spherical was discovered inside his motorcycle’s field at Woodlands Checkpoint in September this yr.
Amirul claimed he found the weapon in his flat and introduced it to Malaysia with him to defend his girlfriend and himself throughout their journey.
ผลไม้ของฝาก from the Central Narcotics Bureau seized Ikram on the void deck of Block 731, Jurong West Street seventy two for suspected drug consumption the following month, bringing to gentle the man’s firearm-related offenses.
Police searched his condo and found the pistol, bullets, and journal.
An offender charged with consorting faces a maximum punishment of ten years in jail and at least six strokes of the cane, whilst one caught with a baton in a public place faces a month in prison and a $5,000 nice..

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