Skipping breakfast linked to major coronary heart issues warns Taiwanese heart specialist

“Breakfast is an important meal of the day,” has been a common adage for many years and one backed by a Taiwanese heart specialist who warned of the crucial significance of consuming breakfast and never skipping meals. The caution came after the sudden cardiac arrest of a 29 year old man that led him to the brink of dying. His dietary habits were identified as the cause.
The young man was rushed to an emergency division after experiencing a sudden myocardial infarction. Medical examinations revealed critical blockages in three arteries, one of which was completely blocked.
Cinch are usually present in middle-aged and aged people, however the case was peculiar for such a younger individual. Although his father had high blood pressure and his mother suffered from diabetes, the young man’s signs have been unusually early.
Upon studying about his way of life, it turned apparent why the man was suffering from heart disease at a young age. Due to his family’s poverty, the 29 yr previous needed to work two jobs to make ends meet. His roles as a morning salesperson and a night security guard left him with no time for breakfast so he was often skipping it.
Sometimes he even skipped lunch, compensating by overeating at dinner. This unhealthy eating sample, coupled with late-night snacking to stay awake during his night shifts, led to high blood pressure, excessive blood sugar, and high blood ldl cholesterol, all contributing to his coronary heart problems.
The cardiologist emphasises the importance of breakfast and warns that poor dietary habits can result in chronic diseases usually associated with the elderly occurring earlier in younger individuals.
He refers to worldwide research that followed 1000’s of individuals for over ten years. The study discovered that compared to those that ate a morning meal, individuals who skipped breakfast had an 87% greater risk of coronary heart disease and roughly 3 times the chance of stroke, underlining the robust link between cardiovascular health and food regimen.
Our mothers all the time warned us to not skip a good healthy breakfast, but these new statistics provide strong proof that mum was proper. Maintaining regular and balanced meals, particularly breakfast, helps stop critical well being issues..

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