Southwest monsoon brings heavy rain, excessive waves to 42 Thai provinces; warning suggested

A southwest monsoon overlaying the Andaman Sea and Thailand has led to heavy rain and excessive waves in forty two provinces, whereas Bangkok‘s rainy season is expected to deliver downpours in some areas. The Thai Meteorological Department warns this weather sample is expected to continue, with flash floods and excessive waves occurring, particularly within the east.
“The southern westerly wind is presently inflicting the southwest monsoon to cowl the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand, along with a low-pressure area dominating the upper regions of Vietnam. This has led to continuous heavy rain and flash flood situations, especially in areas that face the monsoon,” the Meteorological Department reported.
For Reliable of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, moderate winds and waves are expected. In areas with thunderstorms, wave heights may exceed 2 metres. Fishermen are urged to be cautious and avoid crusing in areas susceptible to thunderstorms, reported Khaosod.
The forecast for numerous regions in Thailand during this time specifies that a number of provinces are likely to expertise heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms. The northeast region, in particular, will expertise heavy rainfall in some areas. Weather forecasts challenge lows of 23-28°C and highs of 30-36°C, with westerly winds dominating the area.
In the meantime, central and japanese provinces will doubtless see a couple of 60% chance of rain and potential heavy downpours in specific areas. The southern coastal area alongside the east faces a 40% chance of rainfall and thunderstorms, while the southern coastal area within the west experiences a 60% likelihood. The areas in and around Bangkok are additionally expected to face thunderstorms in 60% of the world, with fluctuations in temperature between 26-28°C and 31-35°C..

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