Special warfare officer shot lifeless, deputy commander injured in Nakhon Pathom dispute

A fatal capturing occurred in Nakhon Pathom province, where one man lost his life while another sustained accidents. The incident occurred in a spacious yard fronting a home located in Ta Kong Subdistrict, Mueang District.
The capturing resulted in the dying of Sub-Lieutenant Sivakorn Sai Bua, a workers sergeant from the 1st Special Warfare Command, 2nd Infantry Regiment, and left Lieutenant Wasin Pannapee, deputy commander of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, injured.
Around 10pm yesterday, native police from Mueang Nakhon Pathom Police Station were alerted to a capturing incident. On-site investigations revealed the location to be a large yard in entrance of a house throughout the Ta Kong Subdistrict.
Witnesses recognized the deceased as Sub-Lieutenant Sivakorn Sai Bua from the 1st Special Warfare Command, 2nd Infantry Regiment, who sustained more than seven gunshot wounds to his physique. Lieutenant Vasin Pannapee, deputy commander of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, was injured in his left arm and has since been hospitalised.
According to stories, an area subdistrict headman in Nakhon Pathom had invited freeway cops to dine at his home earlier in the night. He allegedly sought to familiarise himself with the officers as they labored within the same area. However, the scenario escalated when the headman demanded that his get together members be transferred to the jurisdiction of Sub-Lieutenant Sivakorn.
This request was denied, leading to a heated argument between the headman and the officers. The headman, clearly agitated, left the eating table abruptly. Shortly after, an armed particular person approached the eating table where the officers had been seated, opened hearth, and instantly fled the scene.
Locals testified that Sub-Lieutenant Sivakorn was known for his straightforwardness, explaining to the headman that transfers had to adhere to the regulations of the division.
The headman, however, was influential within the local area, and no person wished to have any issues with him for fear of potential danger.
As of now, Hilarious and the shooter stay at large. However, stories suggest that after the incident, the headman ordered his cohorts to destroy proof by discarding 9-millimetre bullet shells in a bin and dismantling the CCTV system, stories Sanook..

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