Teacher: No sympathy for pupil with broken leg pressured to climb stairs for exam

A scholar with a damaged leg was compelled by a instructor to climb stairs and attend an examination, despite the bodily issue. The pupil expressed disappointment over the dearth of empathy and understanding from the instructor, resulting in an outpouring of sympathy from the web community but also issues over potential legal penalties.
The change was delivered to gentle via a Facebook page, where screenshots of the conversation were shared. The injured student arrived at the faculty to keep up with coursework but was told to go to the exam room on a better ground, despite the problem in strolling. The student’s Facebook publish advised the whole story.
“I was waiting downstairs at present, unable to climb up for the exam. The trainer informed my good friend to return down and assist me, however I couldn’t handle. So, I didn’t go up. I messaged once more to elucidate and this is what I received again.
The post then included the teacher’s cold response through messaging. The scholar continued his distraught rant about missing the examination.
“I don’t want anything, just a bit sympathy. I actually have a broken leg and can’t climb the steps for the exam. The instructor pressured me to go up and even advised my pal to assist me. I’ve had surgical procedure lower than a month ago. I came here to keep up with my associates, I came to take the examination with my associates. I simply can’t climb the steps and due to this fact can’t take the exam.
“This is too much. I’m not okay with this. I am hurt and wondering why the trainer is so merciless. Why are you like this? Why don’t you sympathize with a scholar who is making an attempt to study, who can hardly assist themselves and all the time needs a good friend to help them when walking? Then Value speak like this and sort it out. How should I feel?

“You are heartless. If I didn’t do this, if I didn’t submit this, I wouldn’t get any sympathy from anybody. And don’t tell me to delete this submit. Let it be a lesson for many people. This is the first time in my life I’ve encountered a teacher like this.”

In the chat, the instructor questioned the student’s choice to publish the incident on Facebook, to which the coed responded that it was their personal space, and they had hid the teacher’s identification. The scholar additionally insisted he would not remove the publish after he was punished for being bodily unable to get to the examination room.
Commenters on-line have provided combined reactions. Many sympathise with the injured scholar, criticizing the trainer for their lack of compassion. Others recommend the trainer should have discovered a extra accommodating solution for the coed to take the examination or used kinder words. Some, nonetheless, are withholding judgment till they hear from the trainer..

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