Thai police ask Canadian court docket not to grant bail to Jimi Sandhu murder suspect

Police in Thailand are asking a Canadian courtroom to refuse a bail utility for a man wanted for homicide on the southern island of Phuket. Canadian national Matthew Dupre is 1 of two suspects wanted for the murder of Indian gang member Jimi Singh Sandhu, who was gunned down outside his Rawai villa on February 4.
Dupre and his alleged confederate, Gene Karl Lahrkamp, subsequently fled Thailand, with Dupre arrested in Edmonton, Alberta, on February 20. He is presently in detention, whereas the Alberta court docket considers an extradition request from the Thai authorities. Thailand’s Office of the Attorney-General has confirmed that an extradition request is being filed with the Canadian authorities.
According to ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์Huawei , Jirabhop Bhuridej from the Central Investigation Bureau, says investigators are additionally submitting a petition with the Canadian court docket to refuse Dupre’s bail utility. Thai police say they want the suspect extradited to stand trial in the kingdom. A Bangkok Post supply has confirmed that the case has been transferred to the Crime Suppression Division by order of the Royal Thai Police. It’s understood Thai authorities are concerned that if the Canadian court docket grants bail, the suspect will flee, undermining efforts by police to secure his extradition.
“The crime showed hyperlinks to organised crime syndicates and the suspects had planned their escape nicely. They fled to Europe earlier than travelling to Canada. War weapons also had been used within the assault.”

Meanwhile, Wirachan Khunchaikaew from the CSD says paperwork requesting Dupre’s extradition are on their method to Canada. The Thai authorities hope the extradition will take place in April..

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