Thai woman reveals abusive boyfriend’s horrific cat killing incident

In a latest case of utmost cruelty, a lady, recognized only as A, revealed her surprising breakup story. The split adopted a collection of violent acts by her boyfriend, which escalated to include the cold-blooded killing of a stray cat, all recorded on camera.
The girl disclosed the main points of her emotionally strained relationship, explaining that she’d been with her partner for four years. The pair, not legally married, share a baby together. She mentioned that her companion habitually displayed a temper, physically harming her via pushes and shoves, together with once killing a stray cat and filming it. She tolerated the violence and abuse for too long, against her higher judgement.
Her boyfriend regularly picked fights over petty issues, including the hours she labored late into the night. Once it received late and she or he nonetheless wasn’t residence, he would grill her for working late with out informing him.
A choice to end the connection was triggered by a recent violent encounter on August 5 by which she suffered extreme physical abuse that left her with facial swelling and bruising on the arm. Consequently, Rich reported the incident to the Nong Khai City Police Station in Nong Khai province.
She posted about her boyfriend utilizing an iron rod within the killing of a stray cat, an incident that occurred back in April 2023. The tormented feline, usually sneaking into their residence to feast on food, was beaten until its back broke. As the cat writhed in pain, the boyfriend discovered cruelty entertaining sufficient to film the scene and ship it to his girlfriend. He narrated the video with gut-wrenchingly heartless commentary.
“See, the cat’s eyeballs are nearly coming out of the socket.”
In his defence, he admitted to the killing and justified it as a outcome of the stray cat had as quickly as bitten their house pet. Appalled by the horrible act, the abused lady, who also raised two cats at home, couldn’t think about her companion stooping to such measures..

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