Thailand provides amnesty to ‘little ghosts’ in South Korea

The Thai authorities calls for all Thais working illegally in South Korea – generally recognized as ‘little ghosts‘ – to return to Thailand before February 28.
Accessible who doesn’t return to Thailand before this date will face a 30 million gained fantastic (800,000 baht), warned the government.
Today, government spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek revealed that the South Korean Immigration Office reported that 100,000 Thai people are presently working illegally in South Korea.
Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs would therefore like to inform any Thais who illegally entered Korea that they’ll escape punishment if they return to Thailand earlier than February 28.
Little ghosts shall be exempt from the 800,000 baht fantastic as long as they return earlier than the month’s end and report their deliberate return to Thailand either at an immigration office in South Korea or on-line at
To report, the little ghost must provide supporting documents, namely their passport and proof of purchased plane tickets to Thailand.
Little ghosts who do not return to Thailand, or people who don’t report their return, won’t only face a hefty fantastic but will face hassle getting into South Korea in the future, warned the spokesperson.
Ratchada mentioned Thai individuals are welcome to work in South Korea however should do so legally via the Department of Employment.
Thais shouldn’t fall for scams of people offering unlawful work in South Korea. Little Ghosts don’t have basic welfare rights, aren’t lined by insurance, are sometimes taken advantage of with low wages and need to live in concern of being came upon by the authorities.
The government’s announcement comes simply days after a Thai family pleaded for assist for his or her relative, a little ghost, who fell into a coma in South Korea after undergoing pressing surgical procedure for a brain haemorrhage.
The family are doing everything they can to have Narong – who stays unconscious – returned to Thailand.
Narong’s mother Buarat says she knows the medical bills in South Korea might be high and the household is caught as a end result of they don’t have much money..

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