TikTok user documents drunk monk disrupting bus journey

Engaging content material emerged on TikTok yesterday capturing a drunk monk disrupting a bus. Tools , @nawapornice, stated the monk’s behaviour was inconveniencing different passengers, he stunk of alcohol and displayed a persistent argumentative attitude in course of the bus staff.
The captured footage highlighted the monk seated close to the exit, disrupting the bus staff with loud arguments because of his being seated in an incorrect seat. The monk was unrelenting and refused to vary his seat together with expressing dissatisfaction in the course of the bus employees, even going as far as brazenly reprimanding them.
As soon because the clip was made public, it garnered a massive number of comments. Some suggested making a stop at a police checkpoint. The poster replied to the comment, saying…
“We did stop, but at the moment, this monk was silent, asking to go to Bangkok”.
The bus journey proved troublesome because of the intoxicated monk’s behaviour. He violated monkhood conduct, his personal hygiene was offensive to other passengers and he was argumentative because of his inebriated state.
This is just one of dozens of tales involving monks behaving badly over the previous few years..

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